Reflection: Solar Lamp

We made a closed parallel circuit that connected a solar lamp, on/on switch and a light bulb.
We connected positive and negative wires to create a electric current throughout the circuit. We used a diode to direct the current. We used insulators to stop the current from exiting the circuit. The wires are placed inside a box whereas the lamp, switch and solar panel are placed outside the box. The battery is placed on the inside level of the box. The positive wires are connected to the solar panel, diode, resistor, battery and light bulb and the negative wires are connected to the solar panel, diode, battery and light bulb.We had to solder the wires together with led, wear goggles and use a helping hand. We also needed to blow regularly prevent ourselves from inhaling the led.This helped us learn how to connect different parts of circuits to create electricity. It gave me an understanding how circuits work. The activity also helped us bond and have fun while we work together. One of the most important parts of this activity was focus. If you connect the wrong wires together they will short circuit. If you forget something in your circuit and insulate the circuit you will not be able to fix your mistake.
You also need to listen to the rest of the group. If somebody has valuable information and if nobody listens to them their input will not be given and you might keep making the same mistakes. I believe that my group did well. I didn’t do as much of the work cause i was absent for 2 days but i managed to catch up what i didn’t do. Even though we had quality materials there are a few things that i would change. I would use a better material to keep the wires in because it is a fire hazard and makes it look untidy. I would be more creative with how i decorate the box

how do you learn best in school?

This isn’t a difficult decision but i do have different techniques for different subjects. When it comes to Math, Science and social studies i like to learn off the internet . A lot of the time when the teacher speaks about these topics they don’t make sense to me, when i ask them to explain they generally just say the same thing but louder. It is easier to watch multiple videos that can explain in different ways. I also prefer to read out of a textbook and I like to isolate myself from the rest of the class. I find it helpful to be taught by examples. In math i can visualize a situation and put an equation with it. It makes the topic more relevant. For me i personally enjoy self studying or virtual studying. It gives me a chance to understand before moving on to another section. For language i like to be taught by a teacher. I find laguage is easier to understand so i don’t need extra help.

Do you have any special techniques?

What do you like best about Technology?

Technology is everything.

But we all think that Technology is just the latest iPhone however it is much more. I like technology because it is a way to bring distant people together.  And it is the source of our many privileges today I live 3973 miles away from my closest friends but i still get to see their faces everyday Technology expands our knowledge and can make us more open-minded. we see whats around us but are we really aware of whats happening. Thanks to the news we have a new way of receiving information .  We watch videos about other peoples lives and that makes want to advance the way we live or be more grateful for our lives.

do you like technology?